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Does Anybody Else Smell That…I Think It Might Be Spring

Yes boys and girls I am in a spring state of mind. Over the last couple of months the East Coast blogging world has had the tendency to turn into a bitch-a-thon about old man winter and his apocalyptic tidings of ice, sleet, snow, and rain. Well, Villagers Rejoice!, spring shall be here in no time. Guide calenders are filling up, stocking trucks are cleaning their buckets, fly boxes are full, and the first major hatches of the year are just around the corner. For the next few weeks I will be asses to elbows in line cleaner, boat and trailer repair, and as many streams as I can scout in the few remaining hours of the day. Way too many folks have pontificated as to what the rebirth of spring represents…I seem to remember a high school literature book devoted to the subject…It might have been college…yeah, I am kind of drawing a blank all together now. So I will spare you my version of spring inspired poetic prose (it was actually lovely…a lot of rhyming) and just say that spring means two things to me; long days on the water doing what I love, and a new pair of front zipper Speedos for those extra hot days on the oars.

Think Warm,

– Nymph-o

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