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Ditch Kids Summer Initiative Week Two


Week two is brought to you by our friend Alex “The Grizz” Russell of Carbon Marine! 


  1. Even if it’s summer break, write a thank you note to your favorite teacher thanking them for making a positive impact on your life.
  2.  Do something nice for a kid in school that may not get treated as nicely as they should. Even if school is out, you still have the ability to brighten their day!
  3. Go enjoy an awesome day at your favorite fishing spot, but pick up AT LEAST 10 pieces of litter while you’re out there. The more you pick up, the greater you are.
  4. Tell your mom and dad, on a random occasion, whether it’s during an insignificant ride in the car or while hanging out on the water with them, how much you love them. They’ll appreciate it more than you may realize!
  5. Give a random stranger a heartfelt compliment. Whether it’s telling an old lady she has a pretty dress and/or old biker dude that he has sweet tattoos. If you like something about someone, let them know.
  6. Do something nice for an animal. We spend enough time popping hooks in the mouths of fish, time to switch it up. Take your dog to the park and play. If you don’t have a dog, take a bag of treats to a neighbors dog. Just show some love to the other creatures we share this world with. Landon, you’re excluded from this, so you must clean your bathroom.
  7. Tell everyone why you love fishing and how you would like to improve the sport.
  8. Do a random chore for a neighbor.
  9.  Go outside, and catch a fish!
  10. Tells everyone about yourself, what it is you love to do, and what it is you want to be.

If you haven’t signed up make sure you do so we know where to send your prizes! Sign up Link. Don’t forget to check back every Monday on our site to see the new activities list for you to complete.

If you have any questions reach out to us directly by email at Jenn@skinnywaterculture.com.

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