Ditch Kids Summer Initiative Week 4!

by Jennifer Stegura June 25, 2018

Welcome SWC Ditch Kids! We’re halfway through our summer initiative and have been overwhelmed with the emails from you all showing the good work you’re doing for your community and environment!

If you haven’t signed up please check with your parents, get permission, and click the following link: (Sign Up Link)

  • Signed up.
  • Complete the task list for the week.
  • Take pictures along the way while you complete the tasks.
  • Email them to Jenn@skinnywaterculture.com at the end of the week.
  • We’ll send you exclusive Ditch Kids gear just for completing the task. These items are not for sale so you have to complete the tasks to claim your prize!

Let’s get week four started!


  1. Clean your room without your parents asking. 
  2. Walk the beach or waterway near you with an adult and clean up trash along the way. 
  3. Plant something for your backyard. 
  4. Give your pet or a neighbors pet a bath. 
  5. Teach a friend or sibling something you learned about Red Tide. 
  6. Mediate for 10 minutes. Clear your mind and enjoy the peace. 
  7. Write a letter to your hero telling them why you look up to them. 
  8. Draw a t-shirt design for SWC. The one with the most votes will be a New Ditch Kids Shirt! 
  9. Make a list of things you like doing with your Parents,  Grandparents, or Parental Figures. Make a plan to do one of those things this summer. 
  10. Walk your neighborhood with an adult and introduce yourselves to neighbors that are outside. Part of being a good steward of the community is getting to know the community you live in. 

Good luck completing this week’s tasks! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Jenn S.

V.P. Marketing @MrsSkinnyWaterCulture


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