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Ditch Hiking

You know those days that you just explore and look for fish in every nook and cranny that looks like it could just maybe, maybe hold fish? That was my day today. I changed flies 10 times, shortened my leader, put a longer leader etc. and then tried to throw the spin rod for a little while as well,still nothing was happening for me. I decided to drive further down to where I knew I had a very good chance of catching a tarpon or snook on this popper I tied, but of course the spot I had planned on fishing had about 15 people fishing it already with heavy duty gear. Frustrated as all get out, I held back the obscenities I had muttered under my breath, and did not let the tourists see how frustrated I was. Headed back home with nothing to show for my efforts besides a shoe full of thorns and mud I was feeling pretty down on my luck. I then thought to myself, “How lucky am I?” I am fishing in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, The Everglades National Park, the fact that I live a measly 8 minutes from the park entrance is an envied gift in and of itself. Even though the trail was absolutely packed and I have walked it numerous times, It still gets to me and gives me a greater appreciation and respect for the world we live in.


Ran into so many of these today. It was like fishing with Dan



Air plants are cooler than air jordans


Typical river of grass


Just wanted to throw a frog popper in there so badly




Gar are more fun on fly than people think!

Gar are more fun on fly than people think!

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