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Deep G lades

Spur of the moment, I drove up to the mainland to fish with my buddies Jeff and Wes the other morning.  The alarm went off at 3:30 am and I headed north.  Nothing like 7 hours of driving for a day trip….   After about 4 hours of driving, I finally got to the ramp.  I met up with the boys and we headed out on Jeff’s new HB Professional listening to some Slightly Stoopid on the Ipod. Fishing the Everglades with Jeff is easily one of my favorite things to do.  The boat ride alone makes the trip all worth it.  He takes me to the end of the earth and back, and rarely ever do we see anybody else the entire day.  The incredible fishing is secondary to the mere opportunity of being able to get away from everything for a little while.

It slicked off and the sun came out on our way home.


The fishing was on fire!  Wes landed a big lizard fish and got into some solid lady fish fishing!!  Just kidding.  Unfortunately, I brought the cloud cover with me from the Keys.  We were cloud clobbered all day.  So, since we had 3 guys and sight fishing was tough,we decided to throw  jerk baits all day.  It has been a long time since I have chucked a spinning rod all day like that, but, it was a good change. We landed one red, one little tarpon, a few trout, and a disgusting amount of snook.  It was borderline ridiculous.  We got a minimum of 50 to hand and lost at least that many if not more.  It was great to see that many numbers of smaller snook.  It’s a good sign of what is to come in the future.  We saw some giants too and had a some shots at them in between the clouds.

Jeff’s baby tarpon

Golden backcountry trout.  It almost looked like a brown trout

Go get lost in the Glades sometime with Capt Jeff Legutki. Tight lines!



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