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Decembers HCFT Tie One Off Challenge

Welcome to Decembers HCFT Tie One Off challenge. We are changing things up a bit this month. Due to the overwhelming response we’ve had to this little giveaway we’ve been doing for over a year now we wanted to up the prize for the last one of the year.

Decembers challenge winner will receive a HCFT stripping mat. There hasn’t been to many of these made and they aren’t for sale (at the moment). These things are great for maintaining line control when the wind is kicking you and your lines butt on the bow of the boat.

This month we will not be supplying you with step by step directions for this fly. We will give you the photo and the recipe, but it is your job to use the skills you’ve learned over the past year of this challenge and apply them to this fly.

This months fly was tied by HCFT good friend Capt. Rob Kramarz of Chaos Theory Charters in Summerland Key, FL . Rob is an insanely talented angler and fly tyer, one of the best we know and is a great friend. A lot of his flys are kept under wraps and only his clients are able to see most of his creations. We’ve seen them and seen first hand how productive they are. We were lucky enough to be able to share one of his great crab patterns called “The Soft Shell” for this months challenge.

So here it is, be sure to post your fly on IG with #tieoneoff or direct on our Facebook page. Also, you must be signed up for the SWC Newsletter to be eligible to win. Good luck, Happy tying.


  • Hook: #2 Mustad 34007
  • Thread: Fire Orange
  • Body: Best Buy Supreme Hair Tan
  • Blonde Hackle
  • Crystal Flash
  • Orange Bunny
  • Rootbeer Orange Tipped Legs
  • Mono Eyes
  • Medium Dumbbells

kramarz crab hcft mat