Costa Rica with 506 Outdoors.

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Costa Rica with 506 Outdoors.

Recently a group of us took a trip down into Central America to visit Jesse Males with 506 Outdoors. Jesse started up tremendous guide service out of Costa Rica where he offers some unreal opportunities to get into the jungle or blue water to tackle some exciting fish. The group consisted of Branden Jones, Jamie Sullivan, Court Douthit, and myself.... as well as our two guides/friends Jesse Males and Micah Baly. 

We started our adventure as soon as we all met up at the TGIFriday’s bar in the Miami International Airport and didn’t end until we landed back in Tampa a week later. 

I purposefully didn’t pay much attention to the itinerary of the trip because I was just happy to be going to a country I had been craving to visit for a long time. Nevertheless, the itinerary didn’t disappoint once the adventure got underway. 

We started off in the jungle of Costa Rica targeting a fish I had never heard of... the Machaca! These fish, so long as the conditions are right, are abundant and voracious. On the first day, Branden and I brought 58 to the boat, some of which pushed 5 pounds... but they get bigger than that! They’ve got gnarly teeth and a bulldog personality... and the best part is they hit topwater as their main source of food is the fruits that fall from the trees. 

The ,next step of the journey took us to the Pacific coast. It started off a little rough being that wind and weather is very unpredictable in Costa Rica. The seas were huge and the winds were high which made for impossible kayak fishing but we made the best of a less than optimal situation...nothing sucks when you’re chillin’ on the beach in Costa Rica with a bunch of funny dudes. On day two we decided to pack up and head 4 hours south and find some protection from the wind... a decision that paid off.

The second we got out of the cars we headed down to the beach to see calm seas and birds soaring around bait. We stayed at this site for a couple days and most of us fished our faces off... I wasn’t one of them. There were quite a few Bonita caught as well as BIG jacks...Court hooked up on a 40 lb yellowfin tuna... 3 roosterfish were casted upon but unfortunately, none were cooperative... and the highlight of my saltwater experience in Costa Rica was when an enormous whale shark rose up right beneath my kayak as I was watching a school or manta rays swim about. The opportunity to catch some amazing fish in the blue water is entirely in your hands. You definitely have to push yourself to get to the fish and the guides will be there with you all along the way, working their asses off to give you some great shots... it’s a very gratifying experience. 

Unfortunately, my salt session was cut short due to an unforeseen iguana catching mishap, which left my finger torn to the bone... If being injured in Costa Rica is something you’re worried about, stop worrying. Jesse now knows of the most amazing private clinic with the most beautiful doctor in all of Costa Rica who will fix you up right. 

My days of fishing/exploring Costa Rica are far from over... The short experience we had was just the tip of the iceberg as I am already gearing up to go back. I urge you to do the same and get intimate with a rough and rugged country with some beautiful places to explore alongside of a couple of awesome dudes from 506 Outdoors.

Till next time, 

Alex "Brother Grizz" Russell