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As the weather improves up here in the Midwest so does the fishing. My buddy Mike and I decided that we would try and head East in search of steelhead. The rivers that we were fishing had been frozen for most of the winter, however, the high temperatures and direct sun light really helped the fish get back into their groove.


Our first day out we went 2 for 5 with one fish burning downstream, leading me to fall into a log jam, but finally ending up in the net. It was a beautiful day out, we had a killer time, and caught some immaculate fish!



This next fish is the one that receives credit for making me wipe out into the river in the name of keeping a solid “fish to net” ratio! It also resulted in an amazing picture taken by Jay Anglin of Anglin Outdoors who had his camera closer by then ours (100 yards back upstream).


Our second day fishing the weather was once again excellent, warm air with plenty of sun, and the fish responded. We landed another 3 fish Sunday and hooked a total of 6 on the day. It is hard to describe the feeling of getting up extremely early, driving for hours, wading through frigid water and finally coming tight to a fish that you weren’t even sure was there in the first place! However this Sunday was my day and I landed a beautiful male.

As is the start of any day we were putting on a “clinic” of loosing flies and catching trees in front of the locals.



Mike started the day off with a great hen and it only got better as the hours went on!




This guy showed up later in the day!





And we finished off the day with another brilliantly colored male.




All and all it was a great weekend. Hopefully it was also a great start to the spring steelhead season to come. For a fish that is a very picky eater, quick to drag you into a log jam, and loves to jump showing you what your about to lose, they are still worth the effort. The color is what keeps me coming back every time…

Strip set everything…




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