Cheetos and Reese’s Pieces….

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Had a busy day at work yesterday, I got home pretty late. As I finished eating my dinner, I quickly made a dash to my bed for some rest. As soon as I laid on my bed, my friend Jason a.k.a PK, called me to go fishing for a couple of hours. I quickly replied, NO WAY!!! I was so tired, all I wanted to do is read the inside of my eyelids. Something about fishing at night in a 10ft jon boat did not sound appealing at the time. Somehow he convinced me to go, he sounded confident and enthused about the trip. I grabbed my camera and my 10wt and I was out of my house. I met up at Pk’s house, we loaded his jon boat and we were on our way.


S53A1079 copy




We stopped at the gas station some Cheetos and Reese’s pieces. The combination of those 2 things is never a bad thing during a fishing trip. Here was Pk munching on these things on the way out.


As soon as we got to the first stop we hooked into some of these dink trout. We caught bunch of these babies. There was a good amount of water getting inside the boat but we didn’t pay much attention until PK said “take a photo releasing the trout…..inside the boat”. So we came to an agreement that if the water got above our ankles we would head back in early because we both had to work the following day.



Once we realized that the jon boat could handle the 2-3 ft chop, we decided to rough it out and got our prize for the night 30 minutes into the trip. Once I hooked up and made sure to stick that hook in real good. Lets just say this jon boat was a balancing act. We were doing the texas-2 step on top of that thing while this tarpon was going crazy. The tarpon jumped like 6 to 7 times and didn’t spit the hook. One of those times he leaped so high into the air we though he was gonna land on the boat. I knew he was hooked good, so I horsed him in on the 10wt took about less than 5 minutes. Pk got 2 awesome pics and sent the tarpon on its way.





It was PK’s turn now. He got 2 hits but didn’t come tight. The wind picked up quite bit so it was really uncomfortable to handle and to fish from that tiny vessel. We moved to see if maybe we can find some snook, but that didn’t happened, instead we found our selves fighting this school of jacks. S53A1079 copy


We didn’t have much luck after that only jacks and lady fish. The water inside the boat was definitely above our ankles so we packed it up and headed home.S53A1082

MIAMI <<<<<<< I LOVE THIS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

S53A1105 copy


Since work has been keeping me real busy these days, I haven’t been on the water too much. But those times that I have been out there I’ve been chasing bonefish and permit. I’ve only hooked 1 bone that spit the hook and couple of shots at permit and well all know how that goes. It seems like the only thing I’ve been catching out there has been Nurse Sharks. Some people may laugh when I say I like catching the nurse sharks. Not because of the fight but just getting them to eat the fly is the hard part. I’ve been catching all of them on crab flies. As I wait for the bonefish and don’t really see any action, I toss the flies at the sharks.






Here are some random pics from recent trips including my last trip to ENP before the closed it down, with Captain Russ Kleppinger and Captain Jeremy Chavez, who visited from texas for about 3 weeks.



Jeremy and his first Florida Poony on Fly


jeremy tarpon fly





Here is Pk with a redfish before heading to work the other Morning.




Since I work 6 days out of the week, Ive been doing some fresh water fishing afterwork. Mostly with Warren or my good friend Danny. Here is Paul Nocifora, who visited us from his home in Naples.

S53A0137 copy





Danny with our double hookup on Peas!!



Until Next time, Stay Classy Miami..

-Dan Decibel

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