Canvas and Acrylics

by Eric Estrada July 06, 2012

Throughout the NBA playoffs, I found myself far too into what was an emotional roller coaster. Feeling great at the highest points, and feeling like gum on the bottom of a carny’s shoe at the lowest. So when the Miami Heat finally made it to the Finals, I knew it was going to be brutal. I had to find something to do while I watched the games. So during every game, while everyone was out at a sports bar, or a grill. I was at home focusing my energy onto canvas. Granted, during the end of the fourth quarter, I was completely tuned into the game. But, this allowed me to not go through the ups and downs of the first three and a half quarters.

Painting on canvas is something I always wanted to try. With my background in graffiti and custom paint work on race boats and show cars, I always had the urge to try canvas. So during Game 1, I broke out some canvas and a bunch of Acrylic paint and had at it. My first few paintings turned out pretty cool. I had a lot of positive response on instagram. I managed to pump out a painting and a half during each game. As the series got longer, the paintings became more extensive. Once I had a nice lot of 7 paintings, I decided to post them on Facebook. Within minutes, I had an offer for those paintings and they were sold. I have since painted and sold several more.

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