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By Alex Tejeda on 2014-09-03

Its been a tough summer thus far. Hopes are always set high as I stair at my ridiculously early morning cup of brew.  The thought of hundreds of miles traveled, sleep denervation, miles of paddling, bugs draining me dry and mile upon mile of poling flats in search of one dam fish has not deterred me from my quest… I continue to slave over it and my relentless will continue like a ranging fever. I had the opportunity to witness the magic of landing a permit on fly several times now and each time it gives me a glimmer of hope.

Good friend and fishing buddy Tex made it happen on a recent trip. As always we met on the water and fooled around with some bonefish that didn’t want anything to do with us. As we moseyed along I heard the yelling and knew he was on! Sure enough I get the pic of a permit



I hustled out there after screwing around looking for bonefish only to watch him hook another permit!


Left handed high fives and the high of watching Tex landing two permit in less than an hour was pumping through my veins. I could only imagine the feeling of holding these overly picky fish feels like. Cheers Tex!!!


I recently had the opportunity to finally show my significant other the beauty of Flamingo. Some planning with my good friend Chris Tradd and he was sold on taking the wives out for a Sunday fun day in the park in his new skiff. After some poling around we found a giant school of over slot reds willing to make the trip worth its money.


Steph with a nice over slot red.


Natalia with a nice slot red. This was pretty fun to have a double and a Chinese fire drill in a 14 foot micro skiff. Nonetheless the girls were happy and we where pumped to have good weather and hot fishing.


Chris with the biggest fish of the day with a nice 30 inch fish.

After watching everyone land a few nice fish I decided to take out the fly rod and whip up a few reds my self.






Nothing beats a day in the Keys. Even if you have a hand full of good shots at Permit and full of rejections.



With the weather getting a little snotty and time consternates because of work, Chris and I have hunting down late night Tarpon action of course followed with a bit of success here and there.




Always looking for a weather window to hunt down Bones and Permit but I was convince recently to go to the park after a two month absence.




I have had an itch to explore so I linked up with fellow kayaker Josh and hit an remote area in the Everglades in search of world record Peacock bass. Even though we didn’t quit find what we where looking for it was fun bush whacking into some thick brush. Unfortunately the trail was littered with sunken trees and almost impossible to traverse. Still manage to hook a few peas and other exotics.



Till the next time…

Cheers Alex Tejeda


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