Bone on a Big Boat

by SWChase April 25, 2011 0 Comments

Well to make up for a week in Andros, me and my buddy Kyle took our girls on a cruise to the Bahamas. Even though it was a trip for them we did manage to slip away for half a day bonefishing in Nassau I was a bit skeptical at first but the first flat (and only flat) we pulled up on was loaded with fish, some BIG fish, tailing away happy as could be. As soon as the boat stopped we were all sitting talking and I look to my right and there was a nice school mudding up, stripped off some line, made a cast, fish on. Not even 5 mins into the day and first fish in the boat.

My buddy Kyle got a nice fish about 10 mins later….

unfortunately the last couple hours were full of fish that had seen alot of boats…they sat 30 feet in front of us and didnt eat a single thing the rest of the day.

All those, yea…thats bonefish….

Both I and the guide knew they were not going to eat but due to the 25 kt winds there was not another flat that we could reach, the weather was seriiioouusslly bad, good 3′ CHOP, we were in a big AC and it was all it could handle, couldnt get on plane, just plowed through the waves banging our brains out back to the boat haha. Even though it was a less than ideal day, we still caught fish and it was still pretty darn fun.

I did manage to get a 10″ mutton on fly as well, blind casting to the herd.

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