Biscayne Bay Tarpon/Bonefish Report

by Chris Lewis August 11, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Lewis but most people in the kayak/fishing community know me as Tex. I am an avid kayak angler living in South Florida. I moved to Miami from Destin about 3 months ago. I have recently discovered the sacred grounds of Biscayne Bay flats and I am addicted!

Recently my father in law came to visit. He is also a kayak fisherman from Texas. His goal on this trip was to catch his first kayak tarpon. Our first trip out was in the evening to target tarpon. We tried hard to get him hooked up and he got 3 bites which resulted in 2 hook pulls and a break off. I told him that is what tarpon fishing is all about. The following morning we set out on the flats in search of the elusive bonefish. After about a 2 mile paddle we arrived at the spot I predicted them to be. With glassy conditions I was sure we would see something and before it even got light enough to see good I spotted a big school of tailers.
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