Battle of Attrition

by Alex Tejeda May 22, 2013 0 Comments

As the title of my post states its been nothing but a down hill battle with Mother nature. Its been nothing but short of pretty but I have manage to work around the inclement weather patterns South Florida has been plagued with lately. I have had the chance to mix things up on the flats on a few instances searching for the ever so elusive “tailer” on those rare calm mornings with a little tarpon fishing mix in the late hours of the night. On days that neither can be done I get my lazy ass off the computer from browsing the web and living vicariously through other peoples pictures and head over to the local lakes to soak a fly in front of a peacock basses face.

It hasn’t been pretty to say the least but I have had the opportunity to hit a hot tarpon bite with my buddy Chris a.k.a Kent has been on. Both nights we attempted to slay the Sliver we where plagued by one or the other Rain or blistering wind. On our first attempt we went empty hand but manage to tangle with a few of the local residents.




Chris Hooked up.


Tarpon where absent from the area the first night with only a handful of snappers and groupers to keep things honest to say the least. Our second night stared off a lot better… shoot gun blast filled the air as the tarpon where fired up. Minutes into the setting up I was hook up and had 40lbs of silver in the air only to feel the line go slack… bad knot tie… lesson learn don’t tie in the pitch darkness.  The mother nature had enough of us and the wind machine began.


Tarpon bite faded off and the locals got restless and we began to pick off Snappers, look downs and anything else that wanted to play.




Getting the kids ready… Day off from it all so why not do some tying.



If you where reading you all ready know the weather was pretty bad…  As you can see in the scenic back drop the weather was rolling in with the ominous grey and black.

Well with all that behind me I came up with the bright idea of a mothership trip with the kayaks to Flamingo with Kent. With everything ready to go we where off on another adventure.




Don’t be fooled by this… Mother Nature had other plans in stored for us… After a beautiful sunrise the blistering wind began… Another trip with honking winds… Like the old saying says make ” got lemons… make lemonade”.


First on the agenda… Snook


Than the tails began to appear and all hope was not lost.




Things got pretty serious… With double hook ups happening at will!


We made it happen and the plan came through despite what Mother Nature dealt us.

Hope you guys enjoy

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