bare necessities

by Robbie Wenrich March 20, 2015 0 Comments

Life, it has its ups and downs twists and turns, but never gives us more than we can handle. Lately, things have winding on my end. Between family situations, car troubles and my 12 year old  computer finally crashing I’ve been everywhere but where the fish are, not to say I haven’t tried. Sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of a rut, and sometimes we get so far out of the rut we forget what it’s like to be in one, and lose appreciation.

Due to my computer being down, I’m writing this from my phone, and unfortunately I cannot add in some photos I took along the journey of these past few weeks but I promise I will make up in due time.

This past winter has truly been epic to say the least, in life, in fishing, in everything. The road was smooth beautiful and a wonderful ride, I was on top of the world. My girlfriend and I worked hard made smart decisions and finally were able to rid the financial burden of my 2013 Triumph motorcycle.  We paid it off, and all I wanted to do with my extra payments was buy a trolling motor for my boat, I made excuses how not having one kept me from catching fish, and convinced myself it would make my entire life better. Just when my hands were within reach of that motor, I packed my girl and the kids in the car for a day at the park, I turn my key and it wouldn’t start. Anti lock brake warning and traction control warning lights were on in my dash all at once, and the car had to be put in the shop. A simple starter, and a plug, no biggie, I thought, then I get a call. The part is supposed to be up words of $2k and it’s gonna be a while. Fortunately, blessed by our making good decisions, it is covered under the warranty we purchased with the vehicle, however, I have to now entertain my daily routines with merely a motorcycle until the car gets fixed. The first week was fine, rode around searching banks, tossing flies from the shoreline, I kind of liked the idea of rolling from spot to spot on the cycle. Problem is, i never grew up here, all my infinite knowledge resides on fishing via some type of water craft.

For two solid weeks I banked zero fish, logged miles upon miles on the cycle fished from Pasco to Desoto to Tampa and back, treaded through miles of mud and banks for not a single fish. Watching schools of massive jacks  and birds diving about 10′ farther than I can get to, on my casts. All this defeat, had me looking negatively, blaming Tampa bays population problem, pressure, lack of spots. Then, something hit me, it really is tough out there, I took everything I have for granted.  I was complaining about not having a big truck, about not having a trolling motor, about not having all the fancier things I desire, almost treated them as needs rather than luxuries.

This be my reminder, now that things are temporarily gone, I must view this as a hard taught lesson of life. We all want things we can’t afford, luxuries to make doing what we love easier, desires and dreams, it’s a healthy push to keep us reaching for self improvement, however don’t get over consumed with what you don’t have, make sure to take a look at what you already do have, and appreciate it.

I got the call today, the car should be done very soon, I can’t wait to use a 90 lb pushpole under my arm as I try yo pole the boat in 10′ of water while casting the mangrove edges and dock lights for snook, or try to use my engine as a rudder in hopes to have some sort of directional control over a drift. I’m perfectly o.k. because I do have a boat to float on, and I do have a car to haul it.

I plan to keep working on my shorebound game as well, in between my getting my car back. I can’t get beat down  that bad and just walk away, I have to conquer this challenge, so I’m better prepared for life’s next round.

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