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Bahamas Nirvana TR

It’s my last few hours in the Bahamas before I have to go back to reality. I’m trying to figure out how to put on paper the feelings and moments I experienced this last week. I usually try to stick to pictures but I feel like now is a time to make an effort…

Pretty Flat

Two days ago I stood knee deep on one of the prettiest flats I have ever seen. The flat had little patches of grass, coral and the sand was pristine. The only person in sight was my wife who was laying on the beach a few hundred yards away. The tide was bottomed out and the wind was blowing 15mph in my face. I had never been there but I knew there would be fish from past experiences. There were good contours in the sand creating those rivers and lakes that form from the tides. I waited patiently…it had been about an hour with no signs of life. The flat still looked perfect and the tide was beginning to move now. I knew my time was short because this particular Bahamas trip was about spending time with the wife for Christmas. I snapped a few more pictures as I was still in awe of the beauty. I was in that rare frame of mind where everything is positive…not even the persistent clouds or stiff wind could bother me. I was completely free of everything and the moment was perfect. The clouds briefly began to break and the sun lit up the flat. I scanned inshore and a familiar flicker of light caught my eye. There he was…tailing over the sand…the shiniest bonefish you ever saw. I crept in close for a precision shot. I had confidence in my fly and I knew my game was sharp from the full guided day before. I laid out a perfect 50ft shot and the fly landed right where I hoped….the bone turned with curiosity.

When I moved the fly he would follow..closely inspecting every move. This would not be an easy feed…this was a public beach and this fish had played this game before. I cast at this fish three times and each time he would follow inches from the fly. Eventually my presentations got too aggressive and he faded off in the sand knowing something wasn’t right. I didn’t catch that fish but afterwards I just stood there in pure nirvana…I love fly fishing and I love the Bahamas! I ended up catching two bonefish a little later but neither of those fish compared to the refusal I got in that perfect moment.

Bone 2

Conch Salad

Conch Salad

DIY Playground

Gold Rock 2

Hooked up

Fish on

Grip and Grin

Bone 1



She was a trooper!  She hooked 4 bones on spin but they all got away

Kristen and I

If I were a bonefish this is where I would be…

Flat 2

Cracked Conch

cracked conch


DIY bone

If you have never been to the Bahamas I would highly recommend it. The vibe there is unexplainable. The food and hospitality is like nothing you can find in America. A few cold Sands beers and some Bahamian sun and all you worries are forgotten…

~ Tex



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