Back to Your Roots

by Luke Williams October 22, 2013

Now I am far from what people would describe as ‘sentimental’. But I do have a special place reserved in my heart for the small streams of western North Carolina. These streams are what introduced me to and eventually made me fall in love with fly fishing. On that same note, I owe a lot of that to a good friend named Ben Castle. Coincidentally enough, these streams are the first place that Ben and I fished together. We meet up every few months to fish, mostly here in south Florida, the Bahamas, and sometimes out in Colorado. But we always make a point of heading back up to WNC to hit these beautiful small streams. Wild_Rainbow6_SwcWild_Rainbow_Swc Learning to fish in these parts really tests your casting and mending skills. Sometimes you have to get pretty creative to get your fly where you want it! Wild_Rainbow3_Swc While most of the time the fish aren’t huge they are always well worth the effort and make you appreciate every aspect of fishing in this beautiful place. Wild_Rainbow2_Swc



And obviously you cant hit the hills without shooting a little sporting clays with the family!



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