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BaCk To ThE BaSiCs

Driving home from a long weekend at the lake house I realized that I barely wet a line. With the weather still cooperating I decided to run home, drop off the BOTE boards and swing by a local pond to fish for some largemouth bass. I pulled up to the pond to see that it had been sprayed for weed control and it did not look very appealing, but what the hell, I was there so I had to try. The weeds in the pond were loosening from the bottom so my only real option was some sort of top water, which I am never opposed to. I waited for the wind to settle down and dumped my first cast right along the shore line. Next thing I know I know I see a solid push from near inches of water and bam, first cast, first fish. I sometimes get too caught up in all the destination fishing and forget just how much fun fishing ponds in mid summer is. Don’t get me wrong, sighting fishing big snook and tarpon is most defiantly my favorite but this afternoon was not bad at all! I worked my way around the pond switching back and forth between blind casting and sight fishing (where it was possible) and ended up with too many fish to count. I had my cell phone with me and I was having such a good time I figured this was worth sharing.



The before shot…


What was left of the fly after…




And another…



Nothing like a solid take on top water, especially when you see it coming.


Two of the fish were significantly larger then the rest and very aware of where they could hang me up quickly.


Some of the eats I was getting were quiet and stealthy and other fish were just straight “bum rushing” the fly…




All and all it was an awesome hour or so to wrap up a great fish-less weekend in Lake Geneva. I know I am in this for the right reason when any size fish on the end of the line still gets me excited. It may not be legs buckling to a 100lb tarpon excited but it still puts a smile on my face. Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday weekend.

Strip set everything…

Bill K.

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