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Average Day Fishing

I realize I dont normally do trip reports on the blog, mainly because I don’t want to outshine my fellow SWC bloggers. However, due to popular demand, I decided to post a TR from two days ago.

It started early with an average perm on fly, an average fish for me. I normally get 2 or 3 of these first thing in the morning to warm up my eyes.

As I was walking back to my skiff I also caught this poon and cuda real quick. It was no big deal honestly.


I know your all wondering…”why do you change cloths so much?” Well if thats not obvious I cant tell you, it’s a subtle tactic I use to keep the fish on their toes…fins…whatever. You may also be wondering why I don’t have on SWC gear in all the pics. That is a more simple answer. All apperal companies want to be the best, so I will sometimes test their gear until they get it up to SWC standards. SWC is the imperial unit for measuring the quality of clothing..

When I hopped back into my skiff there was a school of 25-30 lb bones tailing off the front, I picked this little guy off the front to test out my new 2lb tippet made from goat hair.

As I moved off my secret flat I snagged this GT, he asked to sit in my lap. (if you’re asking. yes I speak GT…stupid question)

After this I ate my customary 3 breakfast bologna sandwiches and headed to my top secret flat. This flat normally holds a great variety of fish but this day it was over ran by pesky indo permit, these guys bleach their tips..so 90’s….pffft

I finished my day with this little guy, I don’t even know what it is but it looked cool so i caught it… meh

And that pretty much sums up a normal day. When I have another epic day I may share it..if the internet can handle it.


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