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Anticipation is a huge part of any kind of fishing, anticipating a strike, anticipating where the fish will be or in my case right now, anticipating my upcoming trip. I’m off to Montauk, arguably one of the greatest fishing locales on earth. Hit it right and fish seem to leap into the boat, hit it wrong, and well…that’s fishing. Anything in between and it’s still some of the best fishing a fly caster could ever hope for.

The last week has had me obsessed with weather and fish reports for a place 3,000 miles from my home. Ok, it’s actually been more like the last three months but who’s counting? I’ve woken myself up several times already by setting the hook on an albie or striper in my dreams. I can actually feel the throbbing tail on the other end until I look around and realize it’s 3AM and I’m still in bed.

I’ve checked and re-checked my gear twenty thousand times in the last few days. I’m agonizing over what flies to bring and if I’ll have enough or the right ones. I will, I know that. I’ve done this trip too many times for it to be a surprise. Heck, I grew up there!  That doesn’t change the dynamics of it. The anticipation is still there.

I only have to make it through today at work and I’m on the plane tomorrow evening. I won’t sleep on the plane; anticipation will take care of that. I’ll fly all night and get in the rental to make the drive straight to “The End”. I’m hoping that as I stretch my line in preparation for my first cast that the fish will be willing. The reports are telling me that I don’t have to worry about that, just where they’re at. 

I’m planning on taking you all along with me on the trip. I’ll have internet access and the hard part is going to be pulling myself away long enough to upload photos and jot a few words down.  There’s your anticipation.

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