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Annual Destin TR

Every year about the beginning of March my mind starts to wonder from the shallows of South Florida.  Despite the fantastic opportunities for permit and tarpon this time of year, all I can seem to think about is cobia!  I basically learned to fish in the Florida Panhandle during my military days there, and every year since I moved away I have always returned for a week or two in April.  Spring time in Destin is a magical time headlined by the annual migration of cobia or “ling” as they are referred to along the emerald coast waters.  Every fishable day in March and April everyone from 12ft jon boats with a ladder tied to it to multi million dollar sport fishers head out the pass to patrol the beaches in search of cobia.  Most days are filled with long boring stretches of nothing but staring at empty water with a few intense chinese fire drills throughout the day.  I can’t really describe how exciting it is when you finally roll up on a nice fish or pair or better yet the elusive wads (4 or more) chugging along on top towards the West.  This year was nothing short of awesome compared to recent years.  As I type this there are deckhands cleaning and cooks preparing cobia captured from today.  I had a fantastic time with old friends and the food we ate was incredible.  The ultimate goal was to catch a nice cobia on fly this trip…I was only able to fly fish one day due to tournaments and weather.  I had some great shots but just haven’t found the right fish at the right time yet.  We did manage some really great fish including an 84 pounder that was caught aboard the Charter Boat Outta Line w/Capt Trey Windes.  The fish ended up winning big fish in the Ling A Palooza tournament.    We also had one of the best days in recent years aboard The Full Draw w/Capt Justin Destin.  If you are ever in the panhandle and interested in a Charter these guys can do it all and are really great Captains.  Thanks to all the great friends that helped make my trip a success.  Until next year…



Jimmy Park w/84lber caught w/Capt Trey Windes on the Outta Line

Jimmy Cobia 84#sm



Full Draw

gaff shot


Destin Bridge

Harbor Sunset


Some happy kids on the Top Rod.




Limit on the Full Draw!



Colonel Mustard w/the Crescent Wrench on the Back Deck






Thats why they call them “Crab Crunchers”



Destin Harbor





Cobia Sashimi



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