A 14 Hour Drive

by Paul N October 18, 2012

Headed up to Delacroix and Hopedale Louisiana over the weekend to try my luck. I had been hearing good reports, including up to the day I was on the road. When I got there things had changed a bit. There were bull Reds in Venice, but every guide that you have seen on TV was on two groups of fish. My buddy, Capt. Wright Taylor and I decided to stay a north and poke around in the Marsh. Missed a few huge fish, casted at an enormous tailing drum instead of taking pictures of him and got to sight fish Reds on the fly in an environment completely different than the one I am used to fishing. Ill be back in December.

IMG_1110 IMG_1069 Photo Oct 14, 6 02 01 PM Photo Oct 15, 1 44 28 PM IMG_1085 IMG_1103 IMG_1115 Photo Oct 14, 9 57 54 AM Photo Oct 14, 9 58 03 AM Photo Oct 15, 2 10 24 PM Photo Oct 15, 9 14 39 AM Photo Oct 15, 11 34 20 AM IMG_1114

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