7wt Chronicles

by Paul N October 03, 2013

Since my last post I have been back at work, trying to get everything back in order. However, I am still taking time to fish as much as I can, throwing a 7wt at 9wt fish as much as possible. Why a 7wt you may ask? Because, when you are sight fishing on a low tide you want your fly to land as softly as you can, without spooking fish. At least I do anyway, it’s my new obsession, and seems to be paying dividends as I was able to get an inshore slam on the 7wt today, which I had never done before. The Tarpon



The Redfish:20131003_093744


And the Snook:

Oh wait, I didn’t get a picture of the Snook, but he was at least 5 inches long.


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