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1/8/12 Crocodile Dragover

Launched solo this morning despite my wife saying she would join me. She is not much of a morning person. I proceeded to see ungodly amounts of redfish but I could not get close to them for the life of me. There were schools and schools of them and I would have swore every redfish in the everglades was within 500yds of me. Even if I drifted and ducked down on the platform they would still detect me just outside of fly casting range. This upset me to the point that I got out my spinning rod just to make one pay! The one below paid the ultimate price and is now in the fridge as tomorrows ceviche. He was 26.9″ and 7lbs.

After chasing those schools around in circles for a while the wind picked up and I decided to head home. As I was cruising and thinking about work all week I made an about face and hit one more spot. Only got two shots at reds but made it count!

After that I got a few shots at some other species to include a black drum that looked to be about 15-20lbs. I also missed out on a photo-op of a pair of Bald Eagles. I drove right by them while my mind was wondering. They were sitting on posts and when I pulled back the throttle they flew off. I was pissed it would have been a great photo in some great morning lighting.

4 species of birds in one picture…that kind of thing only happens in the Everglades.

Here is a video I took this morning flying through the Dragover. It would have been better if it was slicked out after a north wind night but you get the idea.

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