“OMG” Poonfecta Video

Sep 29, 2014

This a baby Tarpon Video that I submitted to the “Poonfecta Fishing Tournament and Film/Art Festival” that was hosted by BARFLY SAFETY HARBOR. I ended up winning the film festival with this film. It was a great event with an awesome fishing format for baby Tarpon. I had a lot of fun filming and fishing during the make of this video. Also had a great time meeting fellow fisherman and filmmakers as well. I hope you guys like it. ENJOY!!

Sep 3, 2014

Its been a tough summer thus far. Hopes are always set high as I stair at my ridiculously early morning cup of brew.  The thought of hundreds of miles traveled, sleep denervation, miles of paddling, bugs draining me dry and mile upon mile of poling flats in search of one dam fish has not deterred me from my quest… I continue to slave over it and my relentless will continue like a ranging fever. I had the opportunity to witness the magic of landing a permit on fly several times now and each time it gives me a glimmer of hope.

Good friend and fishing buddy Tex made it happen on a recent trip. As always we met on the water and fooled around with some bonefish that didn’t want anything to do with us. As we moseyed along I heard the yelling and knew he was on! Sure enough I get the pic of a permit


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West And East

Aug 27, 2014


I did not fish the tarpon migration this year. Nor did I give chase to hefty spring time redfish wallowing in a meadow of turtle grass or pot-bellied snook foraging before the gentle bubble and foam of a mid-summer beach break. I haven’t even been south of Wall Street in the last six months.  All of which is decidedly uncharacteristic behavior for someone who has over the last five years made (or at least tried to) a once monthly pilgrimage to the southern states during the spring and summer in search of these very fish.   The timing for southbound adventures never really worked out this year.  Between myriad weddings and a new bar to attend to, I had to pick my battles a little more carefully this summer. But, rather than see the absence of southern fishing as fishing opportunity lost, I made it a point to take advantage of fisheries that proved more accessible to one in my situation.   May took me to the high desert of  northern New Mexico for a wedding and some brown trout and this year I finally focused my efforts in earnest on taking part in the amazing summertime fishery that exists here in the northeast.  And it is a remarkable one to say the very least.

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Aug 13, 2014

The past few weekends I have been trying to figure out the whole pike/musky situation on SE Wisconsin’s Lake Delevan. These fish are defiantly plentiful but also very picky. The added weekend boat traffic and the fact that we are hurling huge flies at these fish doesn’t make the situation any easier. But, every weekend we are out there we are seeing more patterns develop. Standing on top of a Yeti, that’s on top of center council, while boats go racing by pulling skiers and tubes sure does get some funny reactions from people. But we are not there to fit the normal fishing profile…


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Obession Film

Aug 9, 2014

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/102642433″>Obsession</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/prhea36″>Patrick Rhea (LivitFilms)</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

The Wade

Jul 23, 2014

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/101465267″>The Wade</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/prhea36″>Patrick R</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Road to Nowhere Trailer

Jul 18, 2014

Last May a group of friends traveled from Texas to the primitive snook and tarpon-laden backcountry of the southernmost tip of Florida. We had one goal in mind: to get completely submerged in the Everglades. We wanted to intimately experience the national treasure in the only way we knew how. We crammed our camping and fishing gear into a truck and hit the road for a week long camping adventure. The journey is the destination.

Here’s the trailer…full length version is coming soon…


Jul 15, 2014

This past weekend of July 11, 2014, I decided to make a last minute trip to Port Orange, Fl to fish and surf with good friends Patrick Gingras and his girlfriend Becca Courtney. Friday afternoon I gathered up all my stuff and headed over there for a weekend full of fun. We explored a lot of new areas on foot in Patricks turf and made the best of it. I also had the chance to go surfing for the very first time. I am so glad I decided to make that 4 hour trip because I haven’t had so much fun in a long time. I hope you guys like the video. ENJOY!!

Summer Unfolds

Jul 10, 2014

Its been long over due since I laid a post on SWC, but unfortunately,  with a job title come responsibilities which equates to time spent off the water. Therefore, I’m taking a stands, its mid summer and the weather is finally giving some opportune chances to chase tome serious tail. (It was not my ill  intention to deliberately end the last sentence with a  pun but hell it is summer and there are plenty of the ” other ” kind of tail around as well )


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BaCk To ThE BaSiCs

Jul 7, 2014

Driving home from a long weekend at the lake house I realized that I barely wet a line. With the weather still cooperating I decided to run home, drop off the BOTE boards and swing by a local pond to fish for some largemouth bass. I pulled up to the pond to see that it had been sprayed for weed control and it did not look very appealing, but what the hell, I was there so I had to try. The weeds in the pond were loosening from the bottom so my only real option was some sort of top water, which I am never opposed to. I waited for the wind to settle down and dumped my first cast right along the shore line. Next thing I know I know I see a solid push from near inches of water and bam, first cast, first fish. I sometimes get too caught up in all the destination fishing and forget just how much fun fishing ponds in mid summer is. Don’t get me wrong, sighting fishing big snook and tarpon is most defiantly my favorite but this afternoon was not bad at all! I worked my way around the pond switching back and forth between blind casting and sight fishing (where it was possible) and ended up with too many fish to count. I had my cell phone with me and I was having such a good time I figured this was worth sharing.



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