May 1, 2015

Late afternoon mission in search of Monster Snook with Jason.

The Godfather

Apr 29, 2015


The old man parked his minivan streamside and approached the bridge to inspect a pool he may have fished over a 1,000 times. Although Ryan and I were zeroed in on one particular fish, he had several questions for us.

“It’s been pretty slow out here huh? said the old man.

I replied, “It’s been alright,” even though the fishing had been quite good the previous day and a half…

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Water we Doing , Im Not Shore

Apr 27, 2015

Keep in mind I haven’t offshore fished in like 2 years let alone by my self so I absolutely suck . The day started on friday after school when we headed to the the beach house on Pompano. We went and got ice cream from Razzleberrys from the beach and went to the food festival later that night .We woke up at 5:30 and went to the bait shop . We cruised out of the marina on Stefans Robalo 222. We went out of hillsboro inlet and headed to 415-500 feet. Dropped in a rigged Ballyhoo. While everyone else slept I drove and waited .Not long before I decided to let out some more line. Turned around and got a tug right away at first we thought it was seaweed, nope just a micro mahi being dragged on the top of the water. I was pretty hyped thinking that we weren’t gonna catch anything to be honest.


Causal Valley Kook



Then we got back fishing. With everyone woken up we decide to reel in our lure to see if their was any sea weed on the lure. While this was happening we got a bite, not a little one too.  Meanwhile Vandy was on the front of the boat throwing up some milk and donuts. As this is happening the other rod goes off and I set the hook and fish on . I already Caught one and I wanted vandy to get some action too, So I tell him to come get he walks to our end of the boat dizzy and wiping puke of his face he takes the rod and decides he’s just gonna reel it upside down cause its to hard to reel fish in normally while seasick. We land the mahi and move on to stefans fish. We fought our other fish for a solid 10 minutes till we saw it. We knew it was either a kingfish or a wahoo we were pretty happy to see if it was a wahoo and not a kingfish. Gaffed it first try and got it in the boat.


First Wahoo



Overall sick day to be our first time offshore fishing alone .


Here are some pictures from the trip

IMG_2730 IMG_2728-1 IMG_2725IMG_2732 IMG_2729IMG_2723



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A place always dreamed of

Apr 27, 2015

This trip was to one of those places that I had always wanted to get too but had never had the chance. For years I had looked at Google Maps pinpointing areas that looked good and I’d constantly find myself dreaming of the fish I’d find on the flats shown on the screen in front of me.


As soon as I’d realized that that chance was upon me I jumped at it and far out what a week it was. The region is called Shark Bay and is found mid-way down the Western Australian coastline. It’s a huge area of water that’s a mix of shallow sandy flats, huge expanses of weed beds and has a few rocky islands scattered randomly through all of it. It’s been fished and documented many times before but still I had to get there and explore it for myself.


Getting there is a breeze. It’s 1000km from Perth plus a few 100km’s on dirt and gravel tracks before you find yourself a campsite on an isolated beach. It’s what camping used to be, no power, no toilets and no reception. We based ourselves at the top of a peninsula as it gave us the option to fish either side depending on the weather and I’m glad we did. Unfortunately we copped unseasonal overcast skies and drizzling rain for the entire time we were there but our eagerness and good camp-food made up for it.


The first morning we spent searching and it didn’t take long before my brother Andy had a cracking Pink Snapper on the deck of the boat. We were in only a few metres of water and this this ate at the boat and slugged out a great fight. A few photos and it was back in the water swimming strongly off to the ledge we found it upon. We fished that area and areas similar to no avail before we found this area that was a mix of mussel beds and sea grass. Between the feeding Dugongs and turtles one of us would be hooked up within a few casts of arriving.


The rest of the week was great, not ridiculous fishing at all, just consistent and certainly way better than we expected being only our first time there. It’s always so satisfying when you’ve dreamt about a place for so long and the effort put in to get there is rewarded with a few great fish. If you’ve got one of these places locked in your mind, get your stuff together and get there. The journey and adventure along the way, the wildlife, scenery and camping with your best mates is what it’s all about.



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Apr 24, 2015

Recently lost my Monday to Friday job. No money and open schedules means Im usually trying to get rid of the built up stress, in our backyard of the Everglades. Hopefully Ill get back on my feet back soon that way I don’t have to make these boring videos. Enjoy!!

The King of Spring

Apr 24, 2015

Most people who would read this blog think of spring and immediately ready themselves for Tarpon Season. But to me and a handful of others, there’s a whole different beast that grabs our undivided attention and makes our blood boil long before those silver kings migrate up the coast. For those of us who wake up way too early, walk countless miles of swamps and palmettos in total darkness and get goosebumps at the first sound of a spring gobble… Turkey season is the drug of choice, an addiction we cant kick and sure as hell cant explain. Read More…

Once Upon A Time

Apr 4, 2015

I was fortunate enough to get up to Cedar Key with Chris of Spooled Reels to fish for some behemoth black drum on fly. Here is a short film Chris put together chasing these awesome fish!

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Rusty Fly

Mar 23, 2015

I decided to put some footage together of those lucky times when we get to fish with Captain Derek Rust in the Florida Keys. Every time we fish, we always have an awesome time on his boat. We usually look for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon when the weather allows. Wether we catch fish or not, you can always bet on some crap talking during those countless hours of poling.

bare necessities

Mar 20, 2015

Life, it has its ups and downs twists and turns, but never gives us more than we can handle. Lately, things have winding on my end. Between family situations, car troubles and my 12 year old  computer finally crashing I’ve been everywhere but where the fish are, not to say I haven’t tried. Sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of a rut, and sometimes we get so far out of the rut we forget what it’s like to be in one, and lose appreciation.

Due to my computer being down, I’m writing this from my phone, and unfortunately I cannot add in some photos I took along the journey of these past few weeks but I promise I will make up in due time.

This past winter has truly been epic to say the least, in life, in fishing, in everything. The road was smooth beautiful and a wonderful ride, I was on top of the world. My girlfriend and I worked hard made smart decisions and finally were able to rid the financial burden of my 2013 Triumph motorcycle.  We paid it off, and all I wanted to do with my extra payments was buy a trolling motor for my boat, I made excuses how not having one kept me from catching fish, and convinced myself it would make my entire life better. Just when my hands were within reach of that motor, I packed my girl and the kids in the car for a day at the park, I turn my key and it wouldn’t start. Anti lock brake warning and traction control warning lights were on in my dash all at once, and the car had to be put in the shop. A simple starter, and a plug, no biggie, I thought, then I get a call. The part is supposed to be up words of $2k and it’s gonna be a while. Fortunately, blessed by our making good decisions, it is covered under the warranty we purchased with the vehicle, however, I have to now entertain my daily routines with merely a motorcycle until the car gets fixed. The first week was fine, rode around searching banks, tossing flies from the shoreline, I kind of liked the idea of rolling from spot to spot on the cycle. Problem is, i never grew up here, all my infinite knowledge resides on fishing via some type of water craft.

For two solid weeks I banked zero fish, logged miles upon miles on the cycle fished from Pasco to Desoto to Tampa and back, treaded through miles of mud and banks for not a single fish. Watching schools of massive jacks  and birds diving about 10′ farther than I can get to, on my casts. All this defeat, had me looking negatively, blaming Tampa bays population problem, pressure, lack of spots. Then, something hit me, it really is tough out there, I took everything I have for granted.  I was complaining about not having a big truck, about not having a trolling motor, about not having all the fancier things I desire, almost treated them as needs rather than luxuries.

This be my reminder, now that things are temporarily gone, I must view this as a hard taught lesson of life. We all want things we can’t afford, luxuries to make doing what we love easier, desires and dreams, it’s a healthy push to keep us reaching for self improvement, however don’t get over consumed with what you don’t have, make sure to take a look at what you already do have, and appreciate it.

I got the call today, the car should be done very soon, I can’t wait to use a 90 lb pushpole under my arm as I try yo pole the boat in 10′ of water while casting the mangrove edges and dock lights for snook, or try to use my engine as a rudder in hopes to have some sort of directional control over a drift. I’m perfectly o.k. because I do have a boat to float on, and I do have a car to haul it.

I plan to keep working on my shorebound game as well, in between my getting my car back. I can’t get beat down  that bad and just walk away, I have to conquer this challenge, so I’m better prepared for life’s next round.


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