Dec 21, 2014

This old video was the outcome of a day where I decided to use one of them sick days I’d been stacking up. Thankfully everything was approved for launch (wife & work deemed it necessary). I hit the water in search of some redfish and some redfish I found. Some of you might recognize some of the still shots at the end of this video. I hope you enjoy re-living this day as I always do when I’m stuck at work looking at all the fun everyone else is having. -Chris

A Year To REDmember

Dec 18, 2014

As for many of us each trip marks a new mile stone and checks off another item on our bucket list’s. For me this whole year has been filled with just that and I thought  I would make this post to share it with you from my biggest Redfish on fly to my biggest Redfish on the flats. I truly have been blessed this year .IMG_1737 Read More…

Seasons Change

Dec 16, 2014

Sometime around the end of September the season here in Florida begins to change and I personally put on a whole new game face. Casting platforms, fly rods, flies and micros take a backseat to tree stands, bows, guns and camo. The usual late night tarpon runs turn into early morning trips to the woods as tarpon season turns into hunting season…


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Good Timing

Dec 16, 2014

Ever have something happen during your daily routine that makes you say to yourself “talk about good timing”? Good timing is an understatement when describing what happened to me over the summer. As fishing off paddleboards was a rapidly growing style of fishing, and since I didn’t have the money for a boat, I figured it was a good way to increase the versatility of my fishing. I started hitting all my favorite spots, mangroves, flats, you name it… I wasn’t catching anything. Disappointed? You bet I was! I just dropped a good chunk of cash on this new board that I couldn’t even catch fish off of, but I stayed persistent.


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Marsh Rescue 911

Dec 15, 2014


On a recent kayak fishing adventure chasing reds and jumping micro poons I had the pleasure of finding this guy back in the Jax Beach marsh.

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Reading material for the Cann.

Dec 11, 2014

For those of you that fancy a good read and of course some fly fishing involved, I recommended you read Thomas McGuane. Some good shit and you will get a laugh or two out of it. And if you don’t care for literature you can always use it as decoration or a paperweight. The choice is yours.





Keep it Simple

Dec 5, 2014


Sometimes, I look at peoples’ photos of their expensive flats boats on social media and jealousy floods my senses. I’ll be faced with a seemingly impossible paddle against gale force winds. I’ll miss a fish because I can’t stake out in time to get a cast to it. My fly line will get caught on something and I’ll miss a shot at a trophy fish. Kayak fishing can be frustrating for me sometimes.

But, there are those rare times where I fish places where those fancy flats boats can’t get to and have a fishing day that some people only dream of. Recently, I had one of those days far in the backcountry of Tampa Bay.

The conditions were against me, it was windy and cold, and I was bundled up to the point where I could barely move. I was nearing the end of a my long paddle and I thought to myself, “there’s no way I’m going to have a good day.” Just as I had that thought, I turned the corner and tarpon were rolling everywhere and rocketing out of the water chasing bait. I quickly set up and started casting. For the next two hours, it was micropoon heaven.

photo 3-3

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Tying the KNOT pt. 2

Dec 2, 2014

So my bonefishing experience in Hawaii was top notch, even though I never successfully landed one. As for the other fish that filled gaps in between tides… unreal. The bonefish disappeared off the reef when the tides became too low. This provided tons of opportunities to throw at triggerfish that were pushed out of their homes and to tall to stay up on the coral flats. These Hawaiian triggerfish (Huma Triggerfish / Humuhumunukunukuapuaa ) were a real challenge to present to but once the fly found the fish it was an eat every time. They were just as spooky as the bonefish but I was using my 6wt so the presentation was much more delicate. These little guys would race to the fly, position themselves completely upright and shove their head down into the coral heads to pick up the fly. A few of these fish even chased a slowly retrieved micro gotcha’ or crazy charlie.


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Life of a convict

Dec 1, 2014

Its getting cold here in Tampa Bay, kicking off the 4 month sentence where it seems every backwater mudflat has a large general population of convicts putting in time. Everywhere you look they seem to be staked out, eyeing for their next meal. These guys are tough, picky, on edge and will drive most any fly angler insane, but I’m already a bit insane so of course they fit right in as my favorite fish in the Tampa bay to target during these cold nasty mornings during the passing fronts. I’ve stalked them for years poling around in my 200 pound, leaking, beat up old canoe,



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Ditch Hiking

Nov 29, 2014

You know those days that you just explore and look for fish in every nook and cranny that looks like it could just maybe, maybe hold fish? That was my day today. I changed flies 10 times, shortened my leader, put a longer leader etc. and then tried to throw the spin rod for a little while as well,still nothing was happening for me. I decided to drive further down to where I knew I had a very good chance of catching a tarpon or snook on this popper I tied, but of course the spot I had planned on fishing had about 15 people fishing it already with heavy duty gear. Frustrated as all get out, I held back the obscenities I had muttered under my breath, and did not let the tourists see how frustrated I was. Headed back home with nothing to show for my efforts besides a shoe full of thorns and mud I was feeling pretty down on my luck. I then thought to myself, “How lucky am I?” I am fishing in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, The Everglades National Park, the fact that I live a measly 8 minutes from the park entrance is an envied gift in and of itself. Even though the trail was absolutely packed and I have walked it numerous times, It still gets to me and gives me a greater appreciation and respect for the world we live in.


Ran into so many of these today. It was like fishing with Dan


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